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Improved Operations

The volatility that has shaken the oil and gas industry is driving organizations to become more streamlined and agile to remain competitive. Industry leading teams are learning to effectively pivot among today’s shifting market pressures and regulatory environment to attain sustainable operational efficiency. BIOVIA provides a comprehensive software framework to unlock transformative innovation from upstream to downstream faster and more efficiently than ever before.


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BIOVIA industry capabilities

New agile processes, transformative business models and digital technology are essential for sustainable innovation, growth and operational excellence in Oil and Gas. BIOVIA has developed a comprehensive portfolio to help you achieve your goals.

Drive collaboration, innovation and strategize scientific work to develop new therapeutics by leveraging scientifically-aware tools
Unlock scientific innovation for new therapeutics with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for accessing and aggregating data to sophisticated analytics, modeling and reporting
Bring the virtual and real world together to better guide research and development projects and create better performing and more cost effective products.
Increase efficiency and enhance compliance with integrated streamlined and automated lab workflows and harmonized and standardized easy-to-deploy processes
Accelerate new therapeutics innovation and launches by managing product complexity as well as the regulatory requirements for global formulations
Achieve Total Quality and Business Excellence in Life Sciences with a comprehensive data-centric approach to Quality Management
Maximize production process efficiency, reduce costs and control quality, variability and yield of drug products by leveraging process and quality data