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Announcing BIOVIA Foundation 9.2

As we continue our transition to Dassault Systèmes, Accelrys products will now carry the BIOVIA brand. We are excited to introduce the latest 9.2 releases of BIOVIA Foundation (formerly Accelrys Enterprise Platform) and the BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot scientific authoring application with enhanced mobile, imaging and chemistry capabilities.

These foundational releases, made available late June 2014, offer continuing technology enhancements in integration, security, collaboration, cloud-based research and personal productivity for science-based organizations, driving innovation in new product development and streamlining the lab-to-commercialization value chain.

Please join us for a series of educational webinars that will cover new features and enhancements and provide insight into our branding transition.


BIOVIA Foundation is a unique, scientifically-aware software experience infrastructure that enhances organizational efficiency, improves collaboration and speeds innovation in research-to-lab-to-plant processes, enabling organizations to bring better products to market more quickly and efficiently.

BIOVIA Foundation provides:

  • Scientific and Generic Services, authored using BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot
  • Application Services
  • Development Services
  • Data Management Services
  • IT Services

BIOVIA applications built on BIOVIA Foundation enable access to scientific solutions across different domains while utilizing the Foundation to simplify integration into existing IT environments and lower IT administration costs. BIOVIA Foundation makes it possible to integrate partner and third-party technologies to create valuable solutions for customers.

BIOVIA Foundation enables scientific innovation and lowers total cost of ownership by delivering:

  • A flexible, configurable service-oriented architecture
  • Data management, analysis and reporting capabilities on complex structured and unstructured data types including chemical structures, biological sequences, images, as well as numeric and text data
  • Integration with third-party applications, databases and existing infrastructures

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