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BIOVIA Biotherapeutics Workbench

An Innovative Biologics Application that Supports the Discovery and Optimization of Therapeutic Antibody Candidates

View an aligned set of sequences and associated developability data in the BIOVIA Biotherapeutics Workbench. By following the guided workflow, you can easily import and analyze sequence and activity data to identify promising candidates for further investigation. (Click image to enlarge)

Many organizations in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical space have shifted their focus from small molecule to biotherapeutics development where antibodies are the predominant therapeutic class of interest. Two main barriers to early antibody discovery are:

Innovation Barriers

Early antibody discovery produces large volumes of antibody and assay activity data but lacks dedicated tools to:

  • Process and understand high-volume antibody sequence data
  • Analyze sequence annotation and activity data together to determine correlations
  • Assess developability early in the process
  • Rapidly customize workflows

Process Efficiency Barriers

There is a need for real-time project tracking and collaboration with various groups involved in the process, as well as a solution that is biologically aware and integrated with other laboratory systems from registration to process management.

Annotate and Analyze High-volume Candidate Antibody Sequences and Associated Data

The BIOVIA Biotherapeutics Workbench enables scientists to overcome barriers to innovation and process efficiency in antibody lead discovery, while saving time and reducing costs associated with errors or lack of accessible information early in the process. Built on the BIOVA foundation, the Biotherapeutics Workbench enables discovery teams to customize workflows to meet their specific needs. Researchers can replace manual error-prone processes of collecting, collating and analyzing data needed to make informed decisions about good antibody candidates for development.

The capabilities of the BIOVIA Biotherapeutics Workbench include:

  • Ability to rapidly import and annotate large numbers of antibody sequences, including Fab, ScFv and custom entities
  • Tools to visualize and analyze sequences and associated data
  • Support for antibody clustering
  • Developability property calculations
  • Project definition and data export
  • Ability to register candidate antibodies directly in BIOVIA Biological Registration

View the BIOVIA Biotherapuetics Workbench Datasheet

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